Tracking the trajectory of coral reefs in the Andaman Islands

An edited version of this article was first published in the Hornbill, Bombay Natural History Society Magazine, April-June, 42-45. Corals are some of the simplest, yet most complex organisms on the planet. Primitive, yet amazingly modern. Smaller than a size of your nail or bigger than your car. Unbelievably resilient, yet dramatically vulnerable. I fellContinue reading “Tracking the trajectory of coral reefs in the Andaman Islands”

Ghosts of the sea—lost nets that kill marine life

A by-product of fishing industry– lost or abandon nets also referred to as ghost nets are as deadly as their name implies. Drifting with highs and lows of the ocean currents, they often become tangled together with ropes, buoys and other debris to form what are known as ghost net conglomerates and they swallow orContinue reading “Ghosts of the sea—lost nets that kill marine life”

The story of a child prodigy

February 8, 1997- May 15, 2013 The history of art is full of obscure but brilliant, people who never quite got their due, despite their immense talents. Oswald Yura is one such. A 16-year-old boy from a little-Known Island in the Nicobars – Little Nicobar – India, had a keen eye for art, but sadly,Continue reading “The story of a child prodigy”


Sawda glances aloft, then seaward, then aloft again. ” Is that a fish or a dolphin?” Abeam of us, about fifty meters away, something surfaces.  Was it a turtle?”– Saw Sawda We wait for a while. On looking closer we see the entire dorsal portion of the animal, which was neither of a dolphin norContinue reading “Mirage”

The passing bubble

VARDHAN PATANKAR The day was bright and the water was transparent as thin air. I was on one of the most remote island on planet, Tillangchong Island.  I set my dive gear, camera and got ready to glide over colourful coral reefs. The reflecting sun was shining on the water surface. I jumped into theContinue reading “The passing bubble”


————————————————————————————————————————————————— I imagine all sorts of things when I see this image – in original. And what confounds me is that I always think that this picture is the reality— bits and pieces of something frozen  in time.  I see things in it. And every time what I see is different from the previous one.Continue reading “Image-ning”

On Getting lost

A tourist wanting to visit Harihareshwar in Konkan asked me, “Excuse me, can you please tell us where Harihareshwar is?” I said, “Well, take the1st right, then the 2nd  left and then head straight.” The tourist said, “Thank you.” I nodded, the tourist vehicle drove off in one direction and I in the other. AfterContinue reading “On Getting lost”