“Barking dogs, seldom bite”

If you are a cyclist or a jogger, then getting chased by dogs is something you can’t avoid. I have been chased by dogs frequently. After a few narrow escapes, I have faced them with dignity and have now mastered the art of handling vicious dogs. Here are nine ways of tackling dogs when chased:Continue reading ““Barking dogs, seldom bite””

Mountain bike– Schwinn Frontier Sports

I always thought cycling to be one of the most boring activity during my school days. My present interest in cycling therefore surprises me. Last year, I bought a road bicycle and this year I am a proud owner of a mountain bike—Schwinn Frontier Sports. An alloy body, Shimano shifters, alloy wheels, thick rugged tire,Continue reading “Mountain bike– Schwinn Frontier Sports”

I love my bicycle

    The bike is entry level bicycle in the market by the Chinese manufacturer. It has Shimano entry level shifter, a steel frame and drops bar handles. The saddle is pretty basic and not comfortable to ride for more than 10 km a day. I bought this bike for my regular commute. So far I have doneContinue reading “I love my bicycle”