“Barking dogs, seldom bite”

If you are a cyclist or a jogger, then getting chased by dogs is something you can’t avoid. I have been chased by dogs frequently. After a few narrow escapes, I have faced them with dignity and have now mastered the art of handling vicious dogs. Here are nine ways of tackling dogs when chased:Continue reading ““Barking dogs, seldom bite””

On the wild side

“A big fat crocodile stirs through the creek, eight Nicobar pigeons perch, tonnes of terns take flight, white-throated kingfishers flit above the ground, mantas swim swiftly in the shallows, a few hundred small-sized fish swim-in-and-out of the coral crevices, introduced spotted deer stand ass-to-ass-to-ass on white sandy beaches. Inside the thicket of the forest, theirContinue reading “On the wild side”

Delhi by Winter

VARDHAN PATANKAR You were told there would be tall buildings, short buildings, houses and bizarre structures of architects. You were told to travel by sterile metro railways that are built to guide your feet and where people follow the rules. You were told to wear a mask on the road, as the polluted air wouldContinue reading “Delhi by Winter”

The back kick

VARDHAN PATANKAR Edited version published in Royal Enfield Trip Newsletter A few years ago, my girlfriend and I broke up. In order to displace my emotional turbulence, I took up biking. In that alternative ‘on the road’ state, I found freedom and tranquillity, mixed with excitement and the stimulation of discovery. In a way, itContinue reading “The back kick”

Pehelvaan Thakur

By Vardhan Patankar “Nowadays, they have machines that give you a haircut and shave. You just have to move the machine blindly over someone’s head or face and you earn money” Pehelvaan Thakur A pure happenstance led me to Pehelvaan. I was standing with my friends after our safari to the Kaziranga National Park. WeContinue reading “Pehelvaan Thakur”

In a rolling stone town

VARDHAN PATANKAR Edited version published in reef resilience blog: http://reefresiliencenetwork.ning.com/profiles/blog/list As soon as I stepped out of the Zanzibar Airport, I was greeted by “karibu”, (welcome in Swahili). The friendly driver drove us to the Hotel Grand Palace, the venue of the 2013 Reef Resilience workshop. Grand Palace is in the heart of the Stone TownContinue reading “In a rolling stone town”

Shadow of the tiger

VARDHAN PATANKAR Edited version published in the Nature Conservation Foundation Newsletter, Bushchat “You can’t say the word Tiger, it’s a bad omen” There is lot more to the Sundarbans than the presence of tigers and if stories of tigers are told, it is unusual not to feel terrified. It is the world’s largest mangrove forest whereContinue reading “Shadow of the tiger”