An eye on Yoda

Here is the base; it is built entirely of wood; wood that is endemic to Andaman. It has a brown unpolished look. It is very beautiful.

Photo: Tasneem Khan

Here is the team. They are able and capable. There are many in the team: lots of divers, a few researchers/scientists and Karen and Ranchi boys to help everyone in the field.

They all seem happy; except Yoda. He is a brown-coloured-coat male cat. Yoda wants to play, but who will play with him?

See Anita, the operation’s manager of the ANET. She has a phobia for geckos. Anita, will you play with Yoda? Anita laughs. Laugh, Anita, laugh!

See Sumer. He claims Yoda is his cat. He is big and strong and he is an underwater photographer. He loves cats, especially the wild types. Sumer, will you play with Yoda? Sumer is smiling. Smile, Sumer, smile!

See Tasneem, the boss of ANET. According to Yoda, she is very sweet because she eats lots of sweets. Tasneem, will you play with Yoda? Tasneem smirks. Smirk, Tasneem, smirk!

Yoda wants to play. Who will play with Yoda?

See Bhanu, a researcher from NCBS, studying the importance of mangroves as a nursery. Bhanu, will you play with Yoda? Bhanu is eating and wants to feed Yoda, but he does not want to eat; he wants to play!

‘Meow meow’, goes Yoda. He walks from the dining room to the library, which is on the first floor of the main building. The library is huge and has a good collection of books.

See Manish. He is a social scientist, working at Anet for years. Manish thinks Yoda is on a mission to wipe out geckos and frogs. Being an anthropologist he knows a lot about people but little about cats. Manish, will you play with Yoda? Manish is busy talking to Agu. Talk, Manish, talk!

See, Sapna. She is sitting on the floor of the library and holding a book in front of her eyes. She is studying the biological effectiveness marine national park in the Andaman islands. Sapna, will you play with Yoda? Sapna is reading.  Read, Sapna, read!

See, Montu. He has been working with ANET for a long time. Montu, will you play with Yoda? Montu is dreaming. Dream, Montu, dream!

See, Sahir and Adith, researchers studying fishes and turtles. Yoda likes the smell of a fish but not that of a turtle. Sahir and Adhith, will you play with Yoda? Sahir and Adhith are chatting. Chat, Sahir and Adith, chat!

‘Meow meow’, goes Yoda again. He wants to play but who will play with Yoda? He goes from the library to the Laccadives dive shop. There he sees Nayantara, a diving instructor working with Laccadives. Tara is instructing her colleagues –Rohin, Leon, Nikhil, Sidharth, Halaad and Aakarsh — something important. Yoda looks at Tara’s eyes and wonders why her eyes are blue and his brown. ‘Meow meow’, goes Yoda. He wants to play but who will play with him?

Yoda goes out of the dive shop. He sees a dog run. The dog is Tweepa. ‘Woof woof’, goes Tweepa and ‘meow-meow’ goes Yoda. Look, look! Here comes a friend! Finally, Yoda finds someone to play with. Tweepa and Yoda–Yoda and Thweepa. They will play a good game.



ANET base

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