Mountain bike– Schwinn Frontier Sports

I always thought cycling to be one of the most boring activity during my school days. My present interest in cycling therefore surprises me. Last year, I bought a road bicycle and this year I am a proud owner of a mountain bikeSchwinn Frontier Sports. An alloy body, Shimano shifters, alloy wheels, thick rugged tire, are some of the specifications. I purchased the bike from Sharda cycles, a newly opened shop on Kalidasa road, and I being the first customer, got a good discount!

I am using the bicycle mainly for commuting, with the occasional long-distance weekend trips. When I cycle at a roaring speed, I feel I don’t exist, like an invisible guy. I can’t see anyone and no one can see me. All alone, but not sad alone. Some kind of discovery of a new world, a kind of world, which gains momentum when I speed, and slows down when I slow down. And that’s what excites me. The sweat flying off the body, the hard squeaky feel of the tires, the never ending road, the intense concentration while peddling, the surrounding scenery and the aimless peddling to reach nowhere. Slowly it is taking over my imagination and cycling every day is becoming part of me.

I think the best part of cycling is the consistency. Peddling and travelling from ‘point a’ to ‘point b’ is not a big deal. That’s only the outcome. The important thing is to be consistent; to follow a rhythm. That—at least to me—is cycling!

Published by Vardhan Patankar


5 thoughts on “Mountain bike– Schwinn Frontier Sports

  1. Aha, the cycling bug has finally caught you…..go for it and enjoy it! …and yes can feel your intensity


  2. I have never read some one write so passionately about cycling…and the way you described it was so poetic…so get you on the solitary cycling( mine is walk) alone but hugged by nature and thoughts
    its a beautiful write up Vardhan 🙂


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