I imagine all sorts of things when I see this image – in original.

And what confounds me is that I always think that this picture is the reality— bits and pieces of something frozen  in time.  I see things in it. And every time what I see is different from the previous one.

In one corner, group of tiny fish are having a meeting on escaping strategies from predators.  They are communicating softly, so that, the predators outside shouldn’t  hear. Outside big fish are having another meeting and the leader of the predator sharks, is giving a lecture on ten successful hunting strategies for tiny prey.  Darkness is fighting with brightness. It is absorbing the glares of brightness and brightness is exposing the nakedness of darkness. A man is holding a diamond ring, asking his beloved partner to spend rest of the life with him. Just in time brightness exposes the dark side of the man.

It’s not that these things or their reflection exists in the image; they just run over in my mind—and I feel their presence in the image. Perhaps I don’t sound convincing. You may think I am cooking thing up—misleading you to see non-existent things in the existing image. But isn’t it true that every picture holds a story—some give obvious details, while others let loose your mind a little and force you to imagine things.


Footnote: I clicked this image in South Button island in Richies Archipelago

Published by Vardhan Patankar


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