Forgotten fact

I got-up early in the morning, packed my bag, oiled my 350 standard bullet and left for the Konkan coast with my father.

The morning sun was shining in the corner with the kind of reflecting, silvery light you sometimes see on exceptional days. As I headed out of the city, the wind grew brisk, the surroundings greener. Gentle, stately hills, were rolling down to rows of different trees on either flank. I watched them intently.

Almost after an hour, other vehicles noise got lesser and the bullet thump got louder. It was a weekday so few vehicles passed on the busy Bombay-Goa highway.

A steady speed and the surrounding wind was refreshing. The simmering heat of the lawns and the smell of dry dirt came on stronger; the clouds were outlined sharp against the sky. A fantastic weather. Perfect for taking a little summer day trip with a girl somewhere. I thought of cool sea and hot sand, coconut water and the crisp fry fish. With hot breeze heating my face I was lost in a day-dream.

I started to wander further into the depths of my day-dream, when I suddenly pressed the breaks. I realized that I had been so deeply engrossed in my solitary musings, that I had forgotten the fact that my father was a pillion rider.

Published by Vardhan Patankar